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数字媒体 – Audio Production

学者 / School of Creative and Media Arts / 数字媒体 – Audio Production

Amplify your career opportunities.

Tiffin University’s digital media program with a professional track in audio production gives students the technical skills and experience necessary to support careers in electronic media, entertainment and across many communication and adjacent fields. Working with industry standard equipment and software, 学生学习录音, 编辑, 混合和控制项目, troubleshoot equipment problems, as well as provide audio support for concerts and other events. 

Students develop a broad understanding of communication fields and careers and how the professional communicator serves as an integral part of success in all types of businesses and organizations. Students develop practical and broadly-applicable skills that will help them succeed in any career they pursue.

Working both independently and with creators around the world, 音频录音员, engineers and post-production professionals are in demand across dozens of industries and in countless businesses and organizations large and small. Tiffin University’s track in audio production gives students the foundation for serving in diverse roles from live event production to unique content creation.

课程 include hands-on experience making real-world audio content using professional equipment. Outside the classroom students have the opportunity to work in TU’s professional recording studio, podcast studio or as an audio recordist or 编辑or producing videos and other multimedia content.


MUS130 – Intro to Music Technology: 在TU的生产实验室工作, students develop basic skills in audio recording, 编辑和混音, and other technologies used across the music industry. 

MUS230 – 现场音响工程师ing: Learn to effectively use and troubleshoot sound systems for concerts and other live events, and explore principles of sound reinforcement and recording equipment and processes. 

MUS330 – Recording Engineering: Develop a functional understanding of recording equipment and software, 包括跟踪, mixing and mastering processes in the recording studio.

MUS430 – Advanced Studio Production I: This project-based course gives students hands-on experience in the recording studio throughout the process of organizing, implementing and executing large, 多声道的会话. 


在校园 – Offered in a 15-week semester format with start dates of January and August

  • 音响师
  • 工作室技术员
  • 拟音艺术家
  • 音频编辑器
  • 广播工程师
  • 现场音响工程师
  • Audio Post-Production Specialist
  • 播客生产商
  • 音频教育家
  • 对话框编辑器
  • 声音设计师
  • ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) Mixer
  • 音频修复专家
  • 掌握工程师
  • 法医音频专家
  • 录音师
  • 声学顾问
  • Audio Equipment Sales Representative
  • 音乐制作人
  • 音乐主管