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学者 / 创意与媒体艺术学院 / 数字媒体-体育媒体


Preparing students for careers creating content for and about the ever-changing sports and entertainment industries, TU’s digital media program with a  professional track in 体育媒体 trains students to work in 广播, 新闻, 社交媒体, 公共关系, 粉丝参与或相关领域. Students explore sports information reporting and analysis, 培养镜头技巧, 在幕后和麦克风前, learn about sports data analytics and prepare for professional internships by leading a 体育媒体 production team.

With a foundation based in digital media, the digital media program with a 体育媒体 track prepares students to serve in a variety of roles in the sports industry, 包括体育报道, 广播, 网络媒体, 广告, 视频制作, 公共关系, 通信, 数字媒体与管理. Students learn to work with sports data and statistics, and get a variety of hands-on experience producing video, 广播和播客内容.

TU’s 体育媒体 track gives students practical skills in sports writing and 广播, 实况报道和采访, 主持和锚定 and multimedia content creation. These experiences prepare students for work in sport and entertainment areas and also help them develop skills that support a variety of communication fields. 

In conjunction with the TU Sports Media Team, students get real-world experience participating in media support and content creation for Tiffin University’s NCAA Division II athletic program, working with the Dragons’ 25 intercollegiate athletic teams.


DMD261 -体育写作: This course introduces students to the field of sports writing by studying the fundamentals of gathering, 组织, evaluating and writing sports information in accepted professional style across news media and media relations platforms. Students will attend and document athletic events, 进行研究, and report on them through written content for traditional and new media

DMD362 -体育广播: This course introduces students to the field of sports reporting through the use of live and recorded audio and video media. Students will develop skills in writing for TV and radio, 自信的交付, play-by-play and color commentary, 面试, 副业报告, 体育辩论, 主持和锚定. Students will create original 体育媒体 content including live broadcasts, pregame and postgame shows and roundtables. 

DMD363 -体育研究 & 统计: This course presents an introduction to and survey of practices of collecting, 处理, 可视化, 分析体育数据. Students will explore technologies used in data collection and 处理, along with methods for measuring and comparing individual and team performance. 

DMD462 -体育媒体制作: This course offers students practical experience in basic television and radio/podcast production, 工作生活, 录制和直播磁带, 演播室和远程. Students acquire creative and technical skills and learn how to work as a production team and become prepared for internships and careers in 体育媒体.

  • 体育记者 
  • 文案
  • 体育电视主持人
  • 电视制作人
  • 体育电台主持人
  • 广播制作人
  • 副业的记者
  • 体育资讯总监 
  • 播客
  • 播客生产商
  • 沟通协调
  • 媒体协调员
  • 电子工程师
  • 音频工程师
  • 事件协调员
  • 公共关系
  • 媒体关系


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