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Education should always be more than classrooms and textbooks. 我们生活在一个全球社区, and there are few events that can influence a person more than the experience of studying and traveling abroad.

Studying abroad means becoming part of the community in which you are living. You will be more than simply a tourist. Part of developing your independence means learning to handle simple daily tasks that you take for granted at home: using a pay phone, negotiating the public transit system, 寄信, 购买食品杂货, 洗衣服. All of these tasks and more must be re-learned when you enter a new culture.

国际 experiences greatly affect individuals at the personal, 学术和专业水平.  The exposure to adverse situations and new environments that study abroad provides not only enables students to be more flexible and adapt to new surroundings, 但它有助于发展知识, skills and abilities that are desirable in any professional setting.  因此, it is essential that you leverage your study abroad experience in your job search, 通过你的简历, 求职信, 在你的采访中也是如此. You must learn to effectively communicate the unique skills and experiences from your international exposure to differentiate yourself form other candidates.


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