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The mission of The 黛安·基德画廊 at 午餐大学 is to educate, 充实的生活, and enlarge the world of students, staff and the larger community by providing a dedicated venue in which to present quality arts exhibitions and programs by talented professional, 业余和学生艺术家.


The 黛安·基德画廊 is open to the public during the academic year Monday, 星期二和星期四上午10点.m. – 2 p.m.,星期三上午10点.m. – 5 p.m. and Fridays by appointment only by appointment by contacting 约瑟夫·范·克霍夫 at 午餐大学 at The Gallery is closed during 午餐大学 academic vacations.

Group tours of the gallery’s shows are also available. The 黛安·基德画廊 is located in the Hayes Center for the Arts. 查看校园地图,请单击 在这里.


2023 - 2024年计划

时代错误” – Matthew做饭

Matthew Cook is an emerging hyperrealist painter, born in Toledo, Ohio. Best known for his highly detailed portraits, he creates work that show his take on historical and traditional painting subjects and themes through a contemporary lens. 库克只得了B.F.A. in Art Education (2013) and his M.F.A. in Painting (2017) from Bowling Green State University and has shown his work throughout the United States.

I have always loved paintings that are about people; about who they are, 他们的奋斗和胜利, 以及他们之间的关系. Whether the subjects are real or fictional, their stories are always fascinating to me. Inspired by works of the Dutch Masters, 法国学院派画家, and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, my paintings tell the stories of people with a highly detailed naturalistic approach. My paintings are crafted using an underpainting that consists of the color complements of the painting subjects, then consecutive layers of transparent and semi-transparent glazes of color. The process is a slightly modified version to that of realist painters throughout history. In addition to their process my work also calls back to the subjects and themes used by historic realist painters to create my own interpretations of religious painting, commissioned portraiture and depictions of classic literary works.

The 黛安·基德画廊 operates under the direction of the School of Arts and Sciences at 午餐大学. Decisions regarding exhibitions are made by the Art Gallery Committee, and exhibitions are planned at least one year to two years in advance. Daily gallery operations are managed by 约瑟夫·范·克霍夫, Art Gallery Director. Exhibition proposals may be sent to Mr. Van Kerkhove using the contact information below:

J. Van Kerkhove/Hayes Center for the Arts
蒂芬,OH 44883



  • A minimum of twenty high-resolution digital images
  • Each image must be identified with First and Last Name, Title, Medium, Size, Date of artwork
  • 简短的传记
  • 展览的历史
  • 刊物一览表
  • Statement about proposed exhibition
  • Contact information: mailing address, telephone, email


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